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Templates (v1.3.0+)

Templates in MarkInside are like plugins in other apps. It helps you to enhance MarkInside without asking the lazy developer.

To install a template, just drag the images below into the template folder. You can open the template folder by clicking File > Template Collection > Open Template Folder from the menu bar. The installed templates will be available in the Template Collection after that.

You can also store the templates anywhere and use them by clicking File > Use Template. All files created by MarkInside can be used as templates.


Generate QRCode of input texts. Powered by qr-creator.


Render markdown into image. Powered by marked.

This template is also helpful when you need to create tables.

Mind Map

Create mind map by writing markdown. Powered by markmap.

Syntax Highlighting

Highlight the syntax of your code. Powered by Prism.

The currently supported plugins in this template are:

But you are always free to mutate the template and add more plugins!